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더다인 주식회사 (TheDain Co., Ltd)

최종 수정일: 1월 3일

- 부스번호 (Booth number) : BTH# 63519_85

- 제품 (Product) : 1.Air Electronics (source technology) combined with FAR UV-C lamps applied to always sterilized smart systems and smart lighting and wall art

2.FAR UV-C lamp for kitchen applied to always sterilized smart system (source technology).

- 카테고리 (Category) : Smart Home and Appliances

- 제품설명 (Product Description) : 1.Art and light meeting! Art and Electronics Meet!! World's First Air Electronics, TheDain Co., Ltd Wall art of constant sterilization smart system t.d.I Wall Art has instruction APP, so anyone can easily install and use it It is an electronic product of AIR. Wall Art is a MOBIL APP that can be operated in 1:1 and groups. In the age of artificial intelligence, wall art is a very attractive AIR electronics. Only Wallart is an electronic product that can be traded in NFTs World's 2. First Voice Recognition Kitchen Always Sterilizing Smart System Hermoso! Far UV-C Disinfection System and Voice Recognition AI Combined, World's First Kitchen Sterilization Electronics Hermoso makes your daily life smart!! - Take responsibility for family cleanliness and hygiene with perfect kitchen virus sterilization -SINK BOWL Drain Odor Source Blocking!! (Bacterial sterilization and killing functions that cause odor) Voice Recognition AI

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