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베니라이트 (Benilight)

최종 수정일: 2023년 11월 27일

- 부스번호 (Booth number) : BTH# 63519_84

- 제품 (Product) : LED PBM therapy medical device

- 카테고리 (Category) : Digital Health

- 제품설명 (Product Description) : The device consists of an LED pad, a controller, a holder, and a power adapter. Red and NIR light from the medical device penetrates deep into the skin to treat or alleviate various diseases. LED photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy medical devices have been registered as US FDA class 2 medical device for pain relief and blood circulation improvement. The following points make our product unique.

1.Our Product is of excellent quality.

2.Our LED pad is flexible and safe.

3.The LED driving variables are adjustable.

4.We have large, medium, and small size models.

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