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주식회사 코리아모빌리티 (KOREA MOBILITY CO.,LTD.)

- 부스번호 (Booth number) : BTH# 63301_49

- 제품 (Product) : KOMO BIKE EH9

- 카테고리 (Category) : Sourcing and Manufacturing

- 제품설명 (Product Description) : Korea Mobility's KOMO Hubless electric bicycle is a bicycle with a unique and future-oriented design with a structure without hubs or spokes, which is the core of the bicycle, by applying the design conceived by the hula hoop to the bicycle structure. The frame structure applies the fitting and bolting method conceived in the architectural structure to the bicycle frame structure, showing three times more strength than welding, and strengthening the durability of the frame to enable safe driving. The hubless space has multi-purpose business utilization such as billboards, bag storage, and helmet storage.

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