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(주)텔러스 (Thallos Co., Ltd.)

최종 수정일: 2023년 11월 28일

- 부스번호 (Booth number) : BTH# 63600_13

- 제품 (Product) : Next-Generation Emergency Call System including V2X Communication and Driver State Monitoring

- 카테고리 (Category) : Vehicle Tech

- 제품설명 (Product Description) : Three advanced safety functions related to vehicle safety, NG eCall (Next-Generation Emergency Call), V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything), and DSM (Driver State Monitoring), are integrated to provide drivers with more systematic safety services throughout the entire driving period. During normal driving, real-time C-ITS traffic safety services through V2X communication, and driver state monitoring functions are provided to drivers, to increase the effectiveness of preemptive accident prevention, and after accidents, seamless eCall services are provided for rapid emergency rescue.

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