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트레비 (TREVI)

- 부스번호 (Booth number) : BTH# 55329_10

- 제품 (Product) : Electronic Bidets / Tankless Smart Toilets / Super-Auto Coffee Machines

- 카테고리 (Category) : Smart Home and Appliances

- 제품설명 (Product Description) :

1)Electronic Bidets: TREVI electronic bidets are an essential item for personal hygiene management in the post-COVID-19 era. The water stream from the 3-in-1 full-stainless steel nozzle cleans the genitals and anus, making it more hygienic and environmentally friendly than toilet paper. Through the 'Smart Factory Project' with Samsung Electronics, it has a productivity of 42,000 units/month and high quality. It is possible to propose ODM/ OEM services that meet customer needs through steady R&D at the company-affiliated research center.

2)Tankless Smart Toilets: TREVI tankless smart toilets that flush more powerfully with less water. If you care about the environment, use TREVI from now on. The best eco-friendly product to help you live a little greener in 2023 is TREVI tankless smart toilets. It improves the power of the water tornado with a small amount of water to perfectly flush. The high-style TREVI Tankless Smart Toilets do not need to store water for a long time. It prevents contamination of the tank and bacterial growth. Users can use fresher water every day. The square-type tankless smart toilet is coming soon! You won’t be let down, you won’t be disappointed!

3)Super-Auto Coffee Machines: TREVI is the new frontier in fully automatic coffee machines. Featuring a stylish ergonomic design, TREVI is intuitive, easy to use, and clean. It guarantees top quality results for all types of coffee and milk-based drinks. You can use the machine everywhere you want like the office, cafeteria, shopping center, yoga class, one-day class, academy, and your sweet home! Depending on your needs, we can provide you with the optimized product option for your needs and situation.


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